Completed projects in 2018

  • Apartment building, Bokšto str. 14, Vilnius (electrical installation, low current installation, automation work).
  • JSC “Lithuania Philip Morris ‘ industrial building, Vilnius road 16, Klaipėda (indoor and outdoor electrical installation, power engineering).
  • Primary health care center, Jaunimo str. 8, Bištonas (low current systems).
  • Administrative and residential building Gedimino ave. 20, Vilnius (low current systems, electrical installation).
  • Residential building Radvilų dvaro str. 33, Kaunas (electrical installation, low current systems).
  • Office building, Birutės str. 18, Vilnius (indoor electrical installation, the security system, fire alarm).
  • Panevėžys Branch of Šiauliai Regional State Archives at, M. Valančius str. 3, Panevėžys (electrical installation, low current systems, lightning protection).
  • Industrial and commercial building, Lauko str. 23, Šventininkai village, Trakai region (electrical installation).
  • Hotel building, Konstitucijos ave. 20, Vilnius (electrical installation).
  • IKEA Industry Lithuania storage facility, M.Valančiaus str. 19B, Kazlų Rūda (electrical engineering and low current systems).
  • Preparation of the electricity and transformer construction project of the territory of the Depot Service of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Logistics Board (Šiauliai district municipality, Mumaičiai k.) and the electrical engineering works according to the prepared project.
  • Hotel with restaurant facilities Gedimino pr. 23, Vilnius (electrical engineering works).

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