The predecessor of UAB Eltecha was Kaunas Mobile Commissioning Operations and Automatics Unit set up in 1972 and involved in various electrical equipment and automatic system installation and commissioning operations. In 1990, it was renamed to state enterprise Automatika, which was later, in 1992, re-organised into UAB Ausma, and later served as a basis for UAB Eltecha to be established and registered on 14 April 1998.
On 20 January 1999, UAB Eltecha was certified to carry out operations by the State Energy Inspectorate under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania. Certification No E, D, T – 0397.

The Company was assessed by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania on 27 December 2001. Assessment Certificate No 0610.

Since 27 February 2004, the Company has conformed to the requirements of the international quality management system ISO 9001 (LST EN ISO 9001) and the environment management system ISO 14001 (LST EN ISO 14001).
On 26 January 2006, by Order No 4-20 of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, UAB Eltecha was included in the list of the potential NATO tender participants.

In 2014, the experts of Kaunas Eltecha Company were awarded the title of the first Lithuanian electricity expert champion, the cup and a 500 Euro prize.

The title of the Lithuanian electricity expert champion won in 2014
The title of the Lithuanian electricity expert champion won in 2014