The basis and the fundamental principle of UAB Eltecha’s activities is ensuring high quality of all operations, constant improvement of the work processes and continuous development. The implementation of these principles is safeguarded by the quality management system adopted by the Company, which conforms to the requirements of the international quality management standard ISO 9001, and the international environmental requirements conforming to standard ISO 14001, with an emphasis on the integration of different company processes in a single system.

The Company’s objectives, aims, courses of action and the obligations of the management are laid down in the Quality and Environmental Policies subject to annual reviews when the documents are updated with the latest changes and requirements.

UAB Eltecha Quality Policy

The main objective is to achieve the highest quality standards and to meet the needs of the most demanding clients; and to design and implement electrotechnical, telecommunications, security and fire alarm projects of any scope anywhere in Lithuania.

The Company observes the Quality Policy through constant improvement of the quality management system, performing the analysis of client needs and Company’s work processes, implementing technical updates, organizing professional development training for its employees, getting them involved in the activities and process analysis, and by ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.

The Assessment Certificate No 0610 issued by the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania attests to our qualifications in the electricity field and grants us the right to organize, design, work and provide technical consultations when it comes to the buildings of residential, public use, industrial, energy and other nature.

UAB Eltecha Environmental Policy:

UAB Eltecha operations involve the use of various resources and raw materials, including hazardous chemicals, the accumulation of waste materials, air pollution emissions and possible emergency situations.

The Company’s management realizes the importance of the environmental protection, accepts liability for the impact of the Company’s operations on the environment and undertakes to:

  • Monitor and continuously develop the environmental protection management system pursuant to the requirements of standard LST EN ISO 14001;
  • Strive for the constant improvement of the environmental protection efficiency in all activity areas;
  • Carry out the new building design according to the eco-design principles and be guided by the pollution prevention principles in the process of improving the environmental protection of the Company;
  • Reduce emissions into the atmosphere and into the water, as well as the amount of waste materials as much as possible, and be mindful of the natural resources;
  • Modernise the installation process as much as possible, taking into consideration the principles of the Quality and Environmental Protection Policies;
  • Organise environmental protection training for the employees;
  • Conform to the environmental protection legislation applicable to the Company’s operations;
  • Allocate the resources necessary for the implementation of the established environmental protection aims and objectives;
  • Ensure public access to the Environmental Protection Policy.

The environmental protection aims and objectives are established and implemented by the Company’s management in order to meet the above obligations.

All the employees of the Company are introduced to the Environmental Protection Policy and must be guided by it in all their operations.