Each year, Company UAB Eltecha on average signs 100 contracts for projects of different complexity and scope..

Below are the most significant projects that were carried out by the Company in the following years:

2003 m. 2004 m. 2005 m. 2006 m. 2007 m.
2008 m. 2009 m. 2010 m. 2011 m. 2012 m.
2013 m. 2014 m. 2015 m. 2016 m. 2017 m.
2018 m. 2019 m. 2020 m. 2021 m.
Completed projects in 2022:

  • Production building with administrative premises, Davalgonių str. 12, Sergeičikų village, Karmėlava sen., Kaunas district. (outdoor and indoor electrical engineering works).
  • Multi-apartment residential buildings Viršuliškių str. 38, Vilnius (electrical engineering and low current works).
  • Fire premises Elektrėnų str. 12, Kaunas (electrical engineering and low current works).
  • UAB “Granitas” Elektrėnų str. 16, Kaunas (10 / 0.4 kV electricity network reconstruction).
  • UAB “Ikea Industry Lietuva” traffic light control (for traffic movement) installation, system programming and coordination works.
  • Catering building M.K.Čiurlionio str. 78, Druskininkai (outdoor and indoor electrical engineering, low current works).
  • Public Company “ORLEN Lietuva” automation and electrical work.
  • Territory lighting, earthing installation works and diesel generator installation works Linkaičiai village in Radviliškis district.
  • Execution of electrical works for the newly built Press Glass factory in Aviacijos str. 3, Karmėlava, Kaunas district.
  • AB Nordic Sugar Kėdainiai, Pramonės str. 6, Kėdainiai (installation of electrical engineering, process control and automation in a diffusion building).
  • Stadium lighting Ledos str. 2C, Užliedžių village, Kaunas district.