Each year, Company UAB Eltecha on average signs 100 contracts for projects of different complexity and scope..

Below are the most significant projects that were carried out by the Company in the following years:

2003 m. 2004 m. 2005 m. 2006 m. 2007 m.
2008 m. 2009 m. 2010 m. 2011 m. 2012 m.
2013 m. 2014 m. 2015 m. 2016 m. 2017 m.
2018 m. 2019 m. 2020 m.
Completed projects in 2021:

  • Hesburger production purpose building, Sodų st. 135, Kaunas district (outdoor and indoor electrical works).
  • Hotel with restaurant on Gedimino Ave. 23, Vilnius (electrical engineering and low current works.
  • Vytautas Magnus University Sports Center Studentu str. 1, Akademijos mstl., Kaunas district. (electrical, low current and automation installation work).
  • Production building, Tinklų str. 35R, Panevėžys (outdoor and indoor electrical engineering and low current works).
  • Outdoor / indoor electrical and low current works Dariaus ir Girėno str. 144, Radviliškis.
  • Reconstruction and construction works of other engineering structures in the Air Defense Battalion of the Air Force (Dariaus ir Girėno str. 144, Radviliškis) (communication, electrical engineering and automation networks).