Each year, Company UAB Eltecha on average signs 100 contracts for projects of different complexity and scope..

Below are the most significant projects that were carried out by the Company in the following years:

2003 m. 2004 m. 2005 m. 2006 m. 2007 m.
2008 m. 2009 m. 2010 m. 2011 m. 2012 m.
2013 m. 2014 m. 2015 m. 2016 m. 2017 m.
2018 m. done projects:

  • Apartment building, Bokšto str. 14, Vilnius (electrical installation, low current installation, automation work).
  • JSC “Lithuania Philip Morris ‘ industrial building, Vilnius road 16, Klaipėda (indoor and outdoor electrical installation, power engineering).
  • Primary health care center, Jaunimo str. 8, Bištonas (low current systems).
  • Administrative and residential building Gedimino ave. 20, Vilnius (low current systems, electrical installation).
  • Residential building Radvilų dvaro str. 33, Kaunas (electrical installation, low current systems).