Each year, Company UAB Eltecha on average signs 100 contracts for projects of different complexity and scope..

Below are the most significant projects that were carried out by the Company in the following years:

2003 y. 2004 y. 2005 y. 2006 y. 2007 y.
2008 y. 2009 y. 2010 y. 2011 y. 2012 y.
2013 y. 2014 y. 2015 y. 2016 y. 2017 y.
2018 y.
2019 y. done projects:

  • The vehicle depot of Kaunas Road Service, Pagiriai, Kaunas region (electrical installation, low current systems).
  • Industrial building, Aviacijos str. 2, Karmėlava, Kaunas region (electrical installation, low current systems).
  • Pranas Dovydaitis gymnasium building, Mokyklos str. 14, Čekiskės, Kaunas region reconstruction works (electrical engineering and low current systems).
  • UAB “Bidfood Lietuva” storage facility with administrative premises (electrical engineering, security alarm, electronic communications, fire alarm, process control and automation installation works).